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Health is not valued till sickness comes.

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I am a Nutritional Lifestyle Coach. Coaching clients Food Freedom, healthy lifestyle habits and Goal settings. – Yvette Molenaar


Nutritional Coaching
45 minutes · R400
Teaching you to live a better life through Healthy Nutritional Coaching. Setting individualised goals, a meal plan specifically for you and coaching you to a better lifestyle.

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Tip Thursday
Written by Yvette Molenaar – Nutritional Lifestyle Coach
“Teaching you life habits to transform your body for life”
✳ How to make healthier choices when going out for that special brunch:
1️⃣ Order whole-grain toast rather than white bread, muffins, pancakes or waffles.
The whole-grain toast will provide a boost of satiating fiber and other important nutrients.
2️⃣ Creating your own omelet is the perfect way to load up on a variety of vegetables and protein. Include a leafy green such as kale or spinach.
3️⃣ Aim for a breakfast with higher protein and fat than carbohydrates, this will keep you fuller for longer after the meal.
Healthier Picks:
1️⃣ Vegetable omelet
2️⃣ Poached eggs, whole-wheat toast and fruit
3️⃣ Oatmeal with fruit